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EZ DAM single use mouthpieces

EZ DAM mouthpieces soft - Adult (box of 25)

£45.00 ex VAT


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EZ DAM Mouthpieces

The EZ DAM system has 2 different mouthpiece choices; “Soft” and “Retract”.

Soft mouthpieces

The “Soft” mouthpiece is made of a unique latex-free material called Dynaflex, which is very flexible and trimmable. The soft mouthpiece comes in both “Adult” and “Junior” sizes and is recommended for all patients. The flexibility of the mouthpiece allows the practitioner to move freely by displacing the mouthpiece as they work around the oral cavity.

Retract mouthpieces

The “Retract” mouthpiece is also made from Dynaflex, but is more rigid and provides better retraction. It is also trimmable and is only available in the “Adult” size. The Retract mouthpiece is recommended for patients who are tongue thrusters and or patients that have thicker cheeks.