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BulkEZ Starter Kit

£169.85 ex VAT


Make Bulk EZ your composite of choice. It's super fast, easy and reliable.

Kit contains: BulkEZ A1 syringe 6gms (x1) BulkEZ A2 syringe 6gms (x1) BulkEZ A3 syringe 6gms (x1) BulkEZ 17 gauge mixing tips (x10) BulkEZ 19 gauge mixing tips (x10)

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Bulk EZ® is a dual-cure, bulk-fill flowable composite with proprietary IntelliTek® Curing Technology. Formulated to overcome the limitations associated with traditional composites, such as recurrent caries at the cervical margin, Bulk EZ has been proven in clinical uses around the world and many independent studies to eliminate gap formation and stop microleakage.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited Depth of cure
  • Well controlled Stress and Shrinkage
  • Excellent Physical Properties
  • Superb Polishability
  • Compatible with all Bonding Agents
  • Sets in 90 seconds