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Headrest regular

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More comfort by supporting the neck and upper back in a dental chair resulting in more relaxation and less anxiety during treatments.

Happynecks®, start treatment with a smile :)

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Handmade, extensively tested and developed into the perfect shape: a Happynecks® headrest provides maximum support from the cervical spine to the cervicothoracic transition for optimal comfort and relaxation during treatment.

The combination of the unique shape, the high-quality artificial leather and the filling with Panthera foam ensure maximum comfort and relaxation during oral care treatment.

Our Happynecks® headrests were tested by 151 patients, 96% of whom indicated that they would be happy to use the cushion again during a subsequent treatment.


Position of the practitioner

The use of the Happynecks® cushion allows for an ergonomically sound position of the practitioner:

Upper legs spread 40˚, symmetrical posture with arms straight in front of body.

The Happynecks® cushion allows complete freedom of movement of the practitioner around the head of the patient.

Also because a wide extension of the patient's neck can be made on the pillow, the practitioner can ensure his/her 25˚ flexion of the patient's own head with a wide view of the work area, thus minimizing tension on the neck muscles.

Test results

We started a pilot with the Happyneck® and asked 8 dental care professionals to test it. The test group consisted of 151 patients (74 m / 77 v) randomly selected. After the treatment three questions were asked and the results were great!

How comfortable did you experience the Happyneck®?

The first question was about 'experienced comfort' of the Happyneck® during the treatment. 101 patients scored 'very comfortable', 40 'comfortable', 7 'neutral' and 2 'uncomfortable'.

Did the Happyneck® contribute to relaxation during the treatment?

We wanted to know if the patients felt more relaxed and at ease during the treatment.

141 patients scored 'Yes' and 10 scored 'No'.

Would you like to use the Happyneck® the next treatment again?

Finally, the patients were asked whether they would like to use Happyneck® again next time. 

144 patients answered 'Yes' and only 7 'No'. That means a score of 96%!