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Focus Bright LED

Focus bright Xtend

£1,750.00 ex VAT


To get the most out of your loupes, supplement your clinic lighting with bright, white shadow-free light, illuminating your field of view and the precise spot you want.

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The Focus™ LED light system enhances visual comfort. No hot-spot and no glare, because the multi-lens design of the lamp gives a bright yet even light spot.

  • Easy on the eye: no hot-spot, no glare
  • Covers the whole range of Lux-demands


  • Bright, neutral white ≤6,500 Kelvin
  • Light intensity 17,000 lux at 35 cm
  • Light spot, 70 mm at 35 cm
  • Brightness settings go in high, medium and low.
  • Lamp weight only 17 gm
  • Up to 6-24 hours operating time

More information about the Focus LED lights and technical specs can be found here