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Galilean HD-OLD


£1.00 ex VAT



See the 3D loupe configurator by clicking the button 

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See the 3D loupe configurator by clicking the button Loupe config

Highest adjustable magnification on the market

Kepler Advanced - awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2019 – is the groundbreaking new adjustable loupe, arriving on the market as the world’s only loupe with 4 magnifications in 1 (3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x and 6.4x).

With Kepler Advanced, you can switch between all four magnifications with ease and speed thanks to its Turn’N’Click system. This versatility ensures that whatever your procedure type, Kepler Advanced provides perfect precision. From diagnostics to near-microscopic magnification. With Kepler Advanced you achieve perfect sharpness of vision, while maintaining a comfortable, ergonomic position.

Advanced optical technology for all your magnification needs.
Kepler Advanced is specifically designed for experts users within the dental and medical sectors who want to upgrade to a more powerful, high-end loupe. It is intricately handmade with exclusive loupe technology and sophisticated materials.

At ExamVision we explore and master optical technologies to offer you superior solutions. Three Red Dot Design Awards are testament to this commitment to excellence. Our loupes are 100% custom-tailored for all your work and vision demands.

Enjoy the benefits that make Kepler Advanced rise above the adjustable magnification loupe market.

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ExamVision offers you a wide range of magnifications available in four loupe systems: Essential, Galilean HD, Kepler Kompakt and Kepler Advanced.

Full information can be found here


The Kepler Advanced loupe can be mixed and matched with any frame from the ExamVision frame range. 

ExamVision frames are lightweight, made from high-end materials and most importantly, they offer an exceptional balance, are durable, stable and don't deform.

Explore the ExamVision Frames here.