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Galilean HD


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Personalise your loupes with our HD oculars, now in exclusive matte metallic colours: Blue Slate, Rose Gold, and Raw.

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ExamVision HD is our flagship product that is handcrafted to your specifications using the highest quality components available. It is designed to offer outstanding image clarity and brightness, along with maximum field depth and width.

HD is ideal for dental professionals, surgeons and veterinary applications that demand sufficient magnification, combined with comfort for all-day wear.

HD is well suited for all professionals who are new to loupes, however those who are already connoisseurs and are looking for the highest quality optics, eye and wear comfort will truly appreciate ExamVision.

Available in:

  • 2.3x magnification
  • 2.8x magnification
  • 3.3x magnification
  • 3.8x magnification

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Customised solution

ExamVision Galilean HD loupes are the most comfortable loupes you will ever wear – all day, every day and recommended for first-time loupe users. Custom-made to suit not only your eyesight, but the way you work. Galilean HD loupes are highly compact and lightweight ensuring a wide field of view and good depth of field – which allows you freedom of movement, creating less tension in the neck and back. Our customers tell us that they love the clarity of the image, the freedom of movement they maintain, but most of all how they feel their ExamVision Galilean HD loupes improve the quality of their work, giving better treatment results and happier patients.

With its ultra-lightweight and 4 available magnifications Galilean HD is the perfect loupe for all surgical and medical procedures. Designed and manufactured by optometrists, made to measure in Denmark, and fitted by optical professionals.

Special requirements can be easily incorporated into your ExamVision Galilean HD loupes, such as specific declination for improved posture or specialist surgery. Our team will help you choose the loupe perfectly suited to your work, and can incorporate any prescription.

For added personalisation and that subtle elegant touch to the overall look in your loupes, our prime Galilean HD oculars are now available in three exclusive, matte metallic colours: Blue Slate, Rose Gold and Raw

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ExamVision offers you a wide range of magnifications available in four loupe systems: Essential, Galilean HD, Kepler Kompakt and Kepler Advanced.

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The Galilean HD loupe can be mixed and matched with any frame from the ExamVision frame range. 

ExamVision frames are lightweight, made from high-end materials and most importantly, they offer an exceptional balance, are durable, stable and don't deform.

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