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Kepler Reflekt


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Kepler Reflekt 4.0x is the first reflective ergo loupe by ExamVision with unmatched peripheral vision offering full, unobstructed visibility of your surroundings.

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The innovative design of the Kepler Reflekt gives dental and medical professionals the freedom to see and interact with patients, locate tools, examine x-rays, or engage in communication with colleagues, all without the need to remove the ergo loupes. 

With its 4.0x magnification ExamVision Kepler Reflekt ergonomic loupe is suitable for prolonged use and complex procedures. With user comfort as a design priority, Kepler Reflekt has been developed to be the lightest reflective loupe on the market, enhancing comfort during extended sessions and minimising the risk of fatigue or muscle strain.  

Awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2024

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ExamVision offers you a wide range of magnifications available in five loupe systems: Essential, Galilean HD, Kepler Kompakt, Kepler Advanced and Kepler Reflekt.

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The Kepler Reflekt loupe can be mixed and matched with any frame from the ExamVision frame range. 

ExamVision frames are lightweight, made from high-end materials and most importantly, they offer an exceptional balance, are durable, stable and don't deform.

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